Children: By educating children on their existing laws and democratic options, we can prevent future generations from getting stuck in the cycle of corruption and violence. The Dreams Project creates education programs to reach these children, such as essay competitions, TV and Internet dramas, and democratic activism. These programs expose children to progressive thinking and challenge them to question the extremist status quo.

CEO, Dream Project for Africa with the family of Lateef Bello

College Students: A major goal for the Dreams Project is to partner with colleges and universities to implement scholarship programs, fine arts programs, and national debates. Engaging Africa’s young adults in the process of democracy and economic development will allow them to create change throughout their careers. The Dreams Project can equip these students to become future leaders of their country and ambassadors to the world.

Government Watchdog: The Dreams Project constantly monitors the activities of governments, leaders, and influential organizations to understand the impact their actions have on African citizens. Through this process, we can provide a full assessment of the political and social climate. Our information allows us to offer help to Africans where they need it most.

Corporate Bodies and NGOs: Collaboration with businesses and other organizations in the non-profit sector is key to the goals of the Dream Project. We are able to build a strong and impactful team when we work with corporate stakeholders who share our vision. This way, we are able to share and gain experiences that help us grow stronger influence in our communities.