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Facebook has granted fundraising permissions to Dream Project for Africa to seek donations via Facebook. The approval was conveyed via email by the Facebook Charitable Giving Team on Sunday, November 20, 2016. The DPA team greeted the news with great joy and appreciation.

The CEO of Dream Project for Africa, Mr. Oluwabukola Michael Nelson explained that financial support remains a huge challenge for the organization. He also noted that most donors are convinced and willing to give financial or logistical support only when they can confirm that a non-profit is dedicated to its own cause.

For the past one year since we were formally established, we have focused on building a strong and dedicated management team, as well as build trust with the different communities were we serve. We are aware that prospective donors need to see the value we deliver and that they want to be assured that their donations will be put to effective use, and we have been passionately committed to these goals, said Nelson. The approval granted to us to reach potential fundraisers on Facebook is a deeply appreciated gesture, Nelson concluded.

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