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To protect attendees’ right to fair pricing, Dream Project for Africa is returning any excess conference registration fees deposited into its foreign corporate accounts to attendees.

Due to the $100 spending limits placed on online transactions in Nigeria, Dream Project had advised intending participants to pay their registration fees into its Corporate Account with Diamond Bank, Nigeria (Diamond Bank, The Dream Project Africa; 0080484647). Attendees are expected to calculate their payments based on the current CBN exchange rates.

In some cases; however, attendees have paid using higher rates. Such is the case of a recent intending participant; the attendee had used an exchange rate of N308 to $1 instead of N305 to $1, resulting in an excess of N575 (or $1.88). The attendee will be refunded the excess amount. Same policies apply to underpayments.

Mr. Fyneboy Andrew, the Finance Executive for DPA noted that attendees who qualify for refunds of excess can request that their overpayments to be deposited in their Nigerian accounts or US-based account, or they can receive their checks at the conference center in 2017. Attendees who qualify for refunds must note that Nigerian banks might charge a transfer fee on their refunds if they choose to request that the refunds be transferred to their (attendees) accounts.

Early Bird registration to the Tax Education, Security and Wealth Creation Conference holding in Dallas, Texas by April 2017 is still on at a discounted rate of $185. Starting December 1, 2016, registration fees would be billed at the standard rate of $200. You can register for the conference at

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