We are a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that all donations you make to the Dream Project qualify for tax deductions. Make sure you mention your donations when filing taxes to claim your deductions.

Thank you

Owolabi Adebayo
Director, Finance


How donation money is spent: Cash donations are spent on research, designing and implementing programs, and scholarships. Donations of goods are allocated into the programs with the most need.

How to volunteer: Our volunteers are part of a much larger team, both within Dream Project and throughout the world. We need volunteers at every level, and even a small donation of time can have a big impact.

Volunteers must be prepared to help with events by distributing promotional items, mobilizing people for peaceful demonstrations, distributing food, water, and supplies, and cleaning up. Event volunteers can help online, over the phone, and/or on site.

Volunteers may also participate in our conferences across the globe. All participants must be willing to comply with the laws of our host countries.

Proper training and orientation is offered when necessary.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Contact us for all application and agreement forms.
  • Attend a New Volunteer Information Session after completing your application.
  • Commit to one four-hour shift per week for a minimum of six months. We currently do not recruit short-term volunteers.
  • All volunteers must be 18 or older, unless otherwise stated.

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