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As a forward-looking organization, we always carry a great dose of optimism that our operations would find a welcome among individuals, businesses, and governments of the countries we operate in. For 2017, we are optimistic that the current administration in Nigeria would be much more fortunate than in the ending year, and would record significant successes especially in the areas of leadership, infrastructure, security and wealth creation for Nigerians.

Many of the successes we have recorded in Nigeria in the last two years (2015, 2016) are large as a result of a largely corruption-aware environment and a government that put up a laudable fight in at least exposing and threatening sanctions against all acts of corruption at all levels of government and corners of the nation. We cannot overlook the unified rally of all levels of government against academic corruption and the final legislative approval of a five-year jail term for educators caught in the acts of sexually exploiting our youths and future leaders, who are in our schools to gain knowledge that will help us attain relevance as leading nations in the future.

A relatively safe atmosphere facilitated many of the collaborations and programs we were able to hold in bringing stakeholders to the table of discussion.

However, the poor state of the economy caused significant hardships for us in the past and ending years. For instance, the fuel hike of May 2016 almost stopped our international tour, which was designed to establish strategic relationships with stakeholders across all sectors. It was only due to the grace of the Almighty God, the resilience of our team, the inexhaustive will to forge ahead and the daunting hope that we have in a greater and better Nigeria, that we were able to restrategize, endure exposure to unsafe conditions and impactful inconveniences. It was a tale of sacrifice, love, and patriotism.

If things get better in 2017, as we believe, we are certain to record much more successes in all programs we have lined up. This is why we pray that God will empower President Mohammadu Buhari and his team, and as well direct them in the way that would bring meaningful developments to the Nigerian people and the African community. On our part, we would continue to play our part in advocating for the oppressed, educating the people on their rights, implementing nation-building programs and rallying more hands towards the rebuilding of our nation and continent.

We pray that God will keep all of those who make sacrifices for the development of the country under His good graces and we pray that our nation will attain lofty heights in peace and unity in the New Year and the years ahead.

We pray that God will continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its peoples. Amen.

Nelson Oluwabukola Michael is the CEO and Founder of Dream Project for Africa.

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