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Planning is one of the major keys to achieving a purposeful life, as Youths in our Prime state, there is the need for us to see the necessity of life evolving around what I call “purpose”.

Like a million dollar question “What on earth am I here for”?

We should know that for any successful life, such is situated around an enterprise built by wise Planning, which becomes strong through common sense, which will yield bountiful results and profits by keeping to the fact that Planning is essential.

The biblical illustration gives us a firm assertion in Luke 14 vs 28 “Jesus said which of you intend building a tower will not first sit down and count the cost”.

It is imperative for us to know that planning is essential in all facets and ramifications of Life especially in this present stage of ours as a Youth.

You will agree with me that as Young ones who are students when we fail an examination in school, we will be advised to “resit” for the examination meaning we didn’t sit well the very first time.

Intelligence without planning will deprive you of the specific goals of Life and unfortunately You will just Wake up to the reality of low-grade average.

Enough of Political and Social gimmicks, pranks and displaying of What we know as Youthful exuberance, all those things don’t work, it doesn’t, I want to know what really works, our common sense tells us, let us find what works and let’s start working on it, almost all Youths have tried so many things that did not work, Just that our Generation, the world at large, and history will only recognize and remember us for all that worked.

A lot of Pressure Groups, Youth Inclined NGO’s, Political forums has come out to tell us Youth are the Leaders of tomorrow, Leaders of any Nation, they have organized lots of Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and all has been abortive; am not saying all this doesn’t work or hasn’t worked but it has left us that we can’t use Political,Social gimmicks to break even amidst this corrupt Leaders and Rogues…it can’t work.

If our current approach, which you and I know is not working, why don’t we change style like zig Ziglar said and I quote ” for us to do things we have always done and to expect different results is a symptom of Insanity”.

As a Youth we can plan our way out of this Political Oblivion, Political Slavery, depriving of leadership positions in Governance if we can sit down to think.

The realization of any Goal is in Proper and Solid Planning, we all know no pilot will be allowed to take off at the airport without a flight plan, he/she must have submitted a flight plan before taking off, in life only those who had flight plan fly high.

Steps to having a solid and effective planning towards the actualization of our Dreams and Goals.
1- Set a definite Goal: – Pastor Sam Adeyemi said and I quote “Nothing becomes Dynamic until it is Specific” if we want to be active in leadership positions, Governance and Politics, let’s us specify it, let’s us start specifying.

2- Decide a Deadline: – if truly we want to be active in Leadership Positions, Governance, and Politics, it is high time we start having deadlines for it, for example, are we actualizing it come 2019, 2022, 2026 e.t.c Let’s have a solid decision.

3- Writing down the Goals: goals,- there is a need to write and put to paper our goals, these will serve as driving force to the actualization of our proposed Dreams, remember the fainting ink is far more important than the sharpest Brain.

4- Develop to Achieve the Set Goal: to contest for the house of Assembly seats- As a Youth contesting for the house of Assembly seats, there is a need to start gathering up like minds in your community, society, and environment.

5- Determine what You will give in exchange for the Set Goal:- in life, it is pertinent to know that you can’t get Something for Nothing, life responds to Value, What You get depends on what you Give out, You want to lead and become the honourable Representing your Constituency in Year 2019 start visiting your home, community, Constituency, start working on projects, programs that will facilitate and smoothen your Ambition, don’t forget this that if you get Something for Nothing, you are a beggar and you will only join clicks of those Rogues in Power.

Finally, I remain optimistic, passionate that effective planning and strict adherence to one’s goal when properly put in place and executed will only send a strong signal to those Leaders that we are coming.

I believe Youth Participation in Politics and Governance is nonnegotiable and it will be rightly achieved.

A Planning Youth is an Achieving Youth if it is to happen, it is left to us.

God bless you all.

Ifemosu Michael Adewale is a Public Speaker, Youth coach, Writer and Founder Youth In Good Governance Initiative (YIGGI).
Mail:, Twitter: @elderdacomplex, Instagram: ifemosumichael

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